• Nashra Usmani

      It’s not, but you should know I admire your command of your own tongue! I’ve always been the worst at tongue twisters, perhaps I should try real life twister ?

      • I fail at most Bengali tongue twisters but if it’s in Hindi or English, I seem to do good. And oh you shouldn’t try a real life twister because then you won’t be in Kansas any more 🙂 (not that you are, but..)

        • Nashra Usmani

          Since I don’t speak Bengali I can’t say about that, but I haven’t heard many in Hindi either! Perhaps the chandu ke chacha one lol. What’s the Kansas reference? ?

            • Nashra Usmani

              I never really read Wizard of Oz ? I caught up with many childhood classics when I was a bit older since we didn’t buy many books when I was a little kid, missed that though!

              • Oh may be it isn’t in the book. I got that from the original 1939 movie. Dorothy gets swept up in Tornedo and wakes up in Oz. Walks outside and says to her dog,” Toto I’ve a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore”. I skipped childhood classics myself to straight to adult section. But I’m rereading all the comica I missed 🙂

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