• Nashra Usmani

      I did list Italian because I love it too, and French is just such a beautiful language! I like “gracias” in Spanish as well.

    • Nashra Usmani

      It’s my pleasure! The Chinese just flows so naturally, and being an anime fan Japanese draws me too ? Sie sie!

  1. Definitely a phrase not used enough, regardless of which language you speak. I speak English but in South Africa, in Afrikaans, one would say “baie dankie” (pronounced like “buyer darn-key”)

  2. My favorite way of saying thank you is in Arabic because I’m fascinated with their language and how it’s written. My way of saying thank you is “gracias” in Spanish also known as “grassy- ass”. Lol, got that from an aunt of mine now it’s a running joke in our family!

    • Nashra Usmani

      Same here, Arabic is so beautiful both to read and to listen to. The way they enunciated their words is just soothing.
      One of my friends calls it “grassy-ass” too, but I love the word, connotations of asses be damned ?

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