1. What a great post, and I love the idea of being a rainbow. I admire your openness and your willingness to work at bringing more self-love into your days. i totally agree – little by little, you can change those thoughts, and it takes daily determination, but it’s possible. Inspiring – thanks for sharing ? Harula x

    • Nashra Usmani

      Openness is what I’m working at, since I’ve always been very reserved and there is always more room for improvement. I really appreciate your thoughts, thank you!

  2. I am you about half of the week. I think what you said resonates with everyone on some level. The important thing is we push aside these negative thoughts and ideas and really focus on the good. I like your idea of starting out small. Soon you’ll realize there’s a lot going for you than you thought. Good luck on your journey!

    • Nashra Usmani

      Yes, and it really helps to have at least one person who actually encourages you, but in the end you have to learn to accept that appreciation. I send you all the positive vibes on your bad days!

  3. The rainbow analogy is brilliant! I’m still a pretty shy person so everyday I slowly work to break the barrier of not wanting to initiate a conversation preferring the alternative awkward silence and smile that went with it. Great picture, love the pink glasses.

    • Nashra Usmani

      Hey thanks a lot, I’m still quite shy too! I think some of that is just personality, but there’s no harm in trying to improve it right? Stole the punk glasses from my little sister haha. I wish you all the best in your own journey!

  4. As you are learning cultivating the best friendship with yourself is key. No matter how old we are some days we look good, some days we don’t, and then we have all the variances in between. How much attention and priority we give to it is in our control. As you know… I remember feeling the way you describe in my 20’s. I don’t know how it happened but one day I looked in the mirror and said I’m sick of this. I’m deciding I’m beautiful. That was the end of it. Honestly, I think some part of me felt like are you really spending your time on this again….Good job…speaking your truth. Don’t hide.

    • Nashra Usmani

      I know, when you think about it, it really does seem insignificant right? And yet we tend to pay so much attention to looks. Just human nature I suppose, but everyone has got beautiful qualities and we need to see those to move past our insecurities. Thank you, stay beautiful and confident as well!

      • Thanks for your comment. I guess, I think it wastes a lot of energy. It’s a story that we tell ourselves that doesn’t fill us with good feelings. What is beauty to one person isn’t beauty to another. Our insecurities will come and go thru out our lives. You are right, just let those insecure thoughts move on by…maybe give em a kiss and wave as you watch them pass. A beautiful post!!!!

  5. What a lovely encouraging post, and I celebrate you and all the shifts you’re making. Opening to self-love is a game changer, and I wish you continued courage. Keep shining and keep watching for the rainbows.

    • Nashra Usmani

      Thank you so much, it means a lot since it’s a very personal topic to me and I’ve only ever talked about it to a couple of my closest friends, but opening up about it here feels good. I wish you the same!

  6. I sometimes wonder what makes so many of us beautiful people hide our beauty from ourselves and others. I look at your writing, I look at your picture and I see so much positive that you have to share with the world. Your little steps to putting yourself out there are a big gain for everyone who has a fortune to encounter you. Glad you are doing this.

    • Nashra Usmani

      Thank you, that really touched touched my heart. I always believe that it’s the little things that matter, so I’m glad you got some positivity from this. Thank you so much!

  7. Oh my gosh, Nashra! What an incredibly raw post! Thank you so much for sharing this week just as you experienced it. We all have those feelings of not being enough, learning how to respond to them is key. I’m glad that you realized the change didn’t depend upon the physical. and you are seeking to make the change where the root is. I admire your courage and determination. I’m so glad you found the challenge, may it support you on your journey of self-love. Thank you for including a self-portrait, you are absolutely beautiful! May you be able to see and embrace your inner and outer beauty. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Nashra Usmani

      I should thank you for the challenge! I probably wouldn’t have written about this topic since its very personal to me and there’s hardly any people I mention my insecurities to, but it feels great to open up and have a conversation about it. I intentionally shared a slightly embarrassing photo to get out of my comfort zone haha. Thank you for spreading the kindness! ??

      • It’s my pleasure. When I hosted last year, I thought it was a one-time thing. After reading hundreds of reflection posts over the 7 weeks, I realized there was no way this was a one-time event. I call it the personal challenge on a blogging platform and that’s exactly what it is. When I saw people opening up like this, shifts in their lives, and doors opening for them it was amazing. I’m thankful for each person that signs up and send you all so much love!

        Embarrassing? No way! There’s so much personality in that photo and those glasses are so cute! I’m curious to see the profile photo you have by the end of the challenge. 🙂

  8. The rainbow analogy is a great one and your thoughts on body image is what I chose to focus on for my part in this week’s Challenge. I’ve been amazed with what I’ve started to learn about myself and how I treat myself!! Your photo is fun and I think shows your wonderful character – what a pleasure meeting you through this Challenge ? From one cat lover to another!!!

    • Nashra Usmani

      Hey there fellow cat lover! The picture is one I wouldn’t have shared if it hadn’t been for this challenge. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we just forget to behold it sometimes. I wish you all the best in your own journey to self love!

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