1. Perfect – this is a wonderful example of self-compassion, and what a shift it can make for us. You deserve nothing less than to treat yourself as your own best friend. I love the connection you’ve made between self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-improvement — it’s a beautiful path and one well worth traveling.

    • Nashra Usmani

      There’s no need to panic! People have their like and dislikes, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, and you can always improve your own content – your life is in your hands after all!

  2. I think it’s incredibly brave to open up like this. This is so honest and transparent. I know it’s not easy, but what an amazing demonstration of everyday courage. Vulnerability is uncomfortable but some of the most memorable things come from this place. As a creative, we can’t escape feedback and criticism but we can learn how to handle it both from our inner voice and from others. I love how you voiced that you don’t have to be everything for everyone. The final week of the self-kindness portion of the challenge will support you on this path as it’s self-acceptance. I look forward to seeing how this week goes for you. You’ve made some incredible self-discoveries, I’m so glad you signed up for the challenge.

    As far as losing a reader, it happens. Sometimes people think they’re going to get something different. Sometimes they just want a follow for follow. Sometimes they just accidentally unfollow (I’ve been known to do so on my phone without meaning to!). In any event, I personally choose to focus on the readers that come back time after time, leave comments, and connect with my community. Even those people change over time, and that’s ok.

    I wanted to share a video that you might enjoy. I marked it at the spot that talks specifically about dealing with critics but if you have time, I highly recommend watching the video in its entirety. I hope you find it useful. <3


    • Nashra Usmani

      Hey, I’m so sorry for such a late reply, I hadn’t been feeling well for the past few days and as you can see I haven’t even posted anything. Sorry! I watched the video in its entirety, and it resonates incredibly with me (in fact, I shared it with my best friend). You always have to have that one person who believes in you amongst all the critics, and sometimes you just have to be that person yourself. I love how your challenge promotes creating the strength to support your own self. Thank you for the kind words!

      • No worries! I hope you’ve been resting and taking good care of yourself! I’m glad you enjoyed the video and were able to share it with your go-to person. I believe we have to learn to draw strength from within, I’m glad that you’re finding that useful on your journey <3

  3. Oh I really liked this Nash – you write with such an upbeat swing even when you’re writing about the things that get you down! The thought of being on my death bed with my nagging inner voice shouting “What are you doing now, you idiot?” made me crease with laughter – oh boy I don’t want that to be the end!! And the realisation that self-compassion will finally lead to self-improvement was a lovely thought for the future so thank you for such an up-lifting post 🙂

    • Nashra Usmani

      Haha you just put the concept in better and more relatable words than I did! Thank you, I really appreciate it! <3

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