Hello, Citizens of the Internet!

…Okay, I’m cringing just reading that back to myself.

I’m Nash, 17, Indian chick fresh out of school. I’m a voracious reader, although I fell out of the habit due to school stress, but I’m getting back into it and hopefully one day I’ll be able to call myself well-read. Currently, I’m reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. And boy is it confusing with the metaphorical truckload of characters with the same names.


Do you see what I mean?

I’m bad at remembering names. I’m bad at remembering faces. I’m bad at memorising routes. Even Google Maps cannot help me. I once got lost trying to find my nearest Domino’s which is within 1 km from my house. I’m great at remembering conversations and random quotes that I pick up from pretty much anywhere.

I’m into anime. A LOT. If you’re a Fullmetal Alchemist fan then we’re already friends. I’m also into movies, but I usually only end up watching ones suggested to me by others, but I’m too much of a wuss to watch horror movies alone. Talk to me about Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, F.U.N., Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Dan and Phil and I’ll go on and on.

Let’s get to know each other as this blog grows, so join me on my journey of discovering what my purpose in life is, what I’m truly meant to achieve… or maybe just the random personal anecdotes, book reviews, and cat gifs discovered on the internet.

I’ll try to have at least one opinion post on a random book every week, aside from the personal stuff. I also recently learnt how to make the perfect cold coffee, so stay tuned for that!

Well hey, stranger, wanna trade cat gifs?


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  • secretsofgreatestminds
    12th May 2017 at 9:44 am

    I like your post. I love reading and also posting once a week.

    • Nashra
      Nashra Usmani
      12th May 2017 at 9:57 am

      Thank you! I’ll be posting a story tonight, hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

  • Abhijit
    13th May 2017 at 7:51 am

    Nice! Good one to start with…😄

    • Nashra
      Nashra Usmani
      13th May 2017 at 7:57 am

      Thanks i appreciate it!

      • Abhijit
        13th May 2017 at 8:11 am

        You are welcome, please do make some time to visit my blog.

        • Nashra
          Nashra Usmani
          13th May 2017 at 8:24 am

          Of course I will, I check out all blogs I follow in the evening 🙂

  • Asha
    16th May 2017 at 5:21 pm

    Haha, I love your sense of humour. I look forward to reading your future posts. 🙂

    • Nashra
      Nashra Usmani
      16th May 2017 at 11:58 am

      Thanks, it comes naturally when life is a joke 😛 I appreciate it!

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