• Nashra Usmani

      Thank you! Haha actually the character I’ve created is the neat freak, I have over 1000 unread emails. Kudos to you for being so organised!

  1. Yep. Death to unread emails! I cannot endure an unread email especially since all of my email accounts are logged in on my phone. And the notif count would reach 200+ after the weekend!
    I like how you write. Vivid. Unpretentious.
    The Ugly Writer

    • Nashra Usmani

      Hehe it’s just my little character who hates the unread emails, my own email has over 1000 unread ones! Guess I just decide to ignore problems instead of solve them.
      Love your writing too, I’ve subscribed! I’ll look forward to seeing more stuff.

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