I’m writing this after a long hiatus via my mobile at 1:25 AM, so there might be some formatting issues, but I’m writing nonetheless because I’m finally motivated enough to write again.

Motivation ebbs and flows, rises and falls, but for many procrastinators like me out there, it can stop flowing for a long, extremely long time. Sure, the creativity is there and the ideas are fully formed, but there’s just not the drive to pit them into practice.

That’s where change comes in. 

At times when you may not feel like doing anything and just lie in bed for days at a time, change up your routine. You want to continue what you started, right? Maybe it’s that language course online, maybe it’s blogging like in my case. You do want to continue deep in your mind but putting in the effort seems like too much work. Maybe you’ll do it tomorrow. Maybe you’ll never touch that activity again.

So change something up. It can be something as simple as the time you wake up in the morning. Spend a weekend with your grandma you haven’t seen in months. Disruption in routine means disruption in your current state of mind – the state of being demotivated.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”… Or something like that.

Some of us might need a drastic change to actually pursue what we once started again. In yours truly’s case, I started college yesterday after a few months of lying more useless than a sack of potatoes at home, and it’s prompted me to blog again, to look at the whole list of blog post ideas I’ve got lying around again. It doesn’t mean I’m exceptionally inspired, it just means I’m putting the passion back into what was once begun with the utmost enthusiasm.

It doesn’t matter if you started a workout two weeks ago and left it now. Try changing up the time you have breakfast and you might just have the thought of working out popping into your mind again. The mind adapts to routine, so when you shake up your schedule, it starts suggesting activities on its own.

Obviously, if you haven’t been able to do something like learning a language or blogging regularly because you are actually busy or something has happened in your life that’s affecting your mental state, that’s an entirely different matter. Change, however, will help you if you’re just demotivated or a chronic procrastinator. In which case, high five!

Also, I have my own domain now! The theme is still a work in progress, but welcome anyway!

Inspiration can appear and disappear, but I hope to be regular now. Definitely. Hopefully. 

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